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Our base-camp is located by the Ullsfjord (close to Tromso Norway) with excellent northwest views. We have a cozy dining room, a coffee grinder, snowshoes, and cross country skis for your free use. We have 6 private Crystal Lavvos which accommodate two to four guests each, just meters from the base-camp.


Breakfast is smoked salmon and eggs, while dinner is lamb with vegetables. If you prefer something else, please let us know and we will do our best to please you. 




Owner and guide Francisco Damm has organized over 600 Northern Lights hunts since 2011. These successful hunts have given us experience, knowledge and a profound love for the magic Aurora Borealis.


Please note that our six Crystal Lavvos are rustic and it will be an adventure for you to stay in them adding wood to the wood oven and walking a couple of meters in the snow to get to the outdoor toilets. The matresses and bedding, however, are as good as the ones in the house.




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